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Baggage Handling


Canadian Air Charters recommends that our customers are covered by a travel/baggage or house contents insurance which cover delayed, lost or damaged luggage, as Canadian Air Charters - like all other airlines and charter operations - has a limited liability.

Free baggage allowance - Checked baggage (adults)

The free baggage allowance per person is 20 kgs.

If you estimate that you have excess baggage will exceed 20 kg in addition to your free baggage allowance, please notify Canadian Air Charters in advance.

Please be informed that 1 piece of baggage may maximum weigh 20 kgs. In case the 1 piece of baggage weighs more than 20 kgs. it has to be split up in 2 pieces of baggage.

Free Baggage Allowance - Checked Baggage (children)

Infants are not entitled to any free baggage allowance unless there have been bought an extra seat for the infant in which case it permits the infant the same free baggage allowance as adults.

Children are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as adults.


Power/non-power driven (only non-spillable batteries) wheelchairs will be carried free of charge provided the passenger has a need for such. Reservations must be made at the time of booking.